Sun-Lilith Aspects Meaning In Synastry

In a synastry chart, the Sun-Lilith aspects are recognized as one of the most powerful combinations!

The Sun represents who we are at our core. Sun square Lilith synastry is our ego, our identity, and our vitality. Lilith, on the other hand, is the dark side of the Moon. She is primal, sexual, and wild. She is not shy about her desires, and she knows what she wants. When these two planets come together in a conjunction, it can be a very potent combination.
Sun conjunct North Node synastry
While the Sun-Lilith conjunction can be a very powerful and positive aspect, it can also be a difficult connection. Lilith’s wild nature can clash with the Sun’s more settled energy.
The Sun-Lilith aspects can represent a magnetism between two people that is almost irresistible. There can be an instantaneous soul connection as if you’ve known each other in a previous life.
However, Lilith’s energy can be quite destructive. If one person is not comfortable with their own darkness, the shadow self of Lilith can be a recipe for disaster.

The Sun-Lilith aspects can also represent the reunion of the divine masculine and feminine. In a culture that is so out of balance, with the masculine energy so dominant, this can be a very healing aspect. It can help to bring some much-needed balance back into our world.
Ultimately, the Sun-Lilith synastry aspects can lead to much tension and conflict, but they can also be a source of great creativity and passion. It all depends on how the two planets work together in the chart.


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