Contract Processing and Closing Services

As soon as a project is transitioned, we deploy full-time employees who work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to take care of their business volumes and processing requirements. Once the client is convinced with our capabilities, we take add more headcounts to take up more work as required by the client. Brokers – Much like a servicer but with a broader provider list, brokers offer much of the same advantages. Brokers also shop for the best deal and may have access to mortgage offers that other lenders can’t take advantage of.

Data Security

You want to offer FHA/VA/USDA loans, but lack in-house government processing experience. Chonte’ has served in the role of “Subject Matter Expert” for NYCB Mortgage, Aegis Wholesale Corporation, National City Mortgage Corporation and Bank of America. Chonte’ has a vast amount of experience in underwriting files for 1st time Homebuyers to the more savvy, experienced, and complex Borrower. What are the Different Software Systems You Leverage for Mortgage Processing? We do not host any software systems locally for performing or storing data.

This is true whether you hire a single contractor or a third party company to oversee your loan processing. As among the prominent third-party mortgage loan processing companies, we dedicate professionals with expertise specific to this domain. We carry it out to ensure that you are always in a position to provide evidence of the activities and data required by the rule. You must have a mortgage broker license if you own a processing company that independently contracts with licensed mortgage brokers to process loans.

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With our loan processing back-office services, we also help you with the preparation of the mandatory LE disclosures. Before partnering with SunTec, I thought outsourcing is still a far fetched dream for mortgage companies as one cannot find the key skill sets in a remote location. But SunTec broke my notion by providing me with the required talent and experience.

Expert Mortgage Assistance can help reduce your operational costs thanks to automated loan processing practices. They can also increase your loan volume as much as 50% when you’re experiencing peak times. With end-to-end support, it’s an easy solution to expedite your loan processing. Meeting document compliance is mandatory for meeting growing requirements of proof for regulatory compliance.

A licensed loan originator processing files for more than one mortgage broker can process the loan files at each mortgage broker’s main or branch office, moving from company to company. Or the licensed loan originator can open an office that is licensed as a branch of each mortgage company with whom they contract to process loans. You could be at risk if loans become bad and salvaging the funds can be a challenge. mortgage processing companies in california and retention services to spare yourself the grueling struggle against defaulters. Our loan processing assistance can also save you significant amounts of time and money.


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